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        2. 中文版 | English
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            About us
          Company profile
            Contact us
          Add:No.766 East Changhong Street, Fuxi, Deqing County, Zhejiang province, 313200
          Tel: +86-572-8350366
          Fax: +86-572-8350299
          E-mail: sales@www.manyoujie.com
          Production Capacity    

          Hot rolled Seamless Steel Tube:

          OD: 83mm to 245mm; Wall thickness: 6mm to 70mm; Yearly capacity: 150,000 tons;
          Equipment: Annular Furnace; Piercing Machine; ASSELφ180 hot rolling machine which adopts Germanic Meer technology; Walk Beam Furnace.

          Cold Drawn/Cold Rolled Seamless Steel Tube:
          OD: 32mm to 406.4mm; Wall thickness: 3mm to 50mm; Yearly capacity: 50,000 tons;
          Equipment: one line of 400T hydraulic cold drawn production line; Two lines ofφ90 cold rolling production lines; off-line annealing and normalizing furnace.

          Quenching and Tempering Seamless Steel Tube:
          OD: 60mm to 355mm; Wall thickness: 6mm to 50mm; Yearly capacity: 50,000 tons;
          Equipment: Walk beam quenching and tempering furnace; excellent furnace temperature uniformity; Advanced Siemens PLC system to realize automatic control.

          All rights reserved: Zhejiang Minghe Steel Pipe Co., Ltd.
          Add: No.766 East Changhong Street, Fuxi, Deqing County, Zhejiang province, 313200.
          Tel: +86-572-8350366 Technical Support: kj021.com